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Best Scooters for Street and Park

Best Scooters for Street and Park

If you ride scooters, you’ll know there's a difference between street riding and park riding.Park riding is all about going fast, going big and landing massive technical tricks.Street riding, on...
7 best stunt scooters for beginners

7 best stunt scooters for beginners

Has your child been inspired to start learning stunts and tricks? If they’re looking to get into the sport, the first thing they need is a ride that’s appropriate for...
How To Choose The Right Size Drift Trike

How To Choose The Right Size Drift Trike

Drift trikes come in a range of sizes and specs – whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced rider taking on 360s on their local hill. Here’s our guide...
urbanArtt Civic Wheels For Rideminded Blog

Are the urbanArtt Civic Wheels worth the money?

The OG brand urbanArtt has recently made its return and has brought with it a whole host of new and exciting products for all of us to get hyped about!...
Oath Components Lattice Wheels For Which Scooter Wheels Are Best Blog At Rideminded

Which Oath Scooter Wheels Are The Best?

Oath Components need little introduction and have become a well-established brand in the scooter industry. Known for stylish, robust parts, their product range is full of innovations and advances that...
Best Scooter Wheels from Oath and urbanArtt at Rideminded

Scooter Wheel Sizes & Specs: How to Choose the Best for Your Ride

One question that we get asked often is: “which scooter wheel size should I get”, or “what's the difference between this wheel and that wheel”? It’s an important part of your...