Established by a group of pros, everything made by UrbanArtt is centred around rider preferences. You can be sure that UrbanArtt scooters are engineered to tackle buttery grinds and big drops with large style.

From the skatepark sessions to street missions, UrbanArtt parts look good and ride even better. Innovation and aesthetics are just as important as performance and durability to UrbanArtt, which is why they’re so good.

We have a wide range of UrbanArtt scooters and parts, including UrbanArtt Scooter Decks, Wheels, Handlebars and more. Use the filter options on this page to sort through our products.

Want to tune your scooter to your riding style? Check out our custom parts and upgrade your rig. If you’ve not got any protection gear, make sure to keep yourself safe with a helmet and pads.

Not sure which scooter is right for you or have a question to ask? Get in touch. We love to help you get out riding on your ideal UrbanArtt scooter setup.